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The word "Green" is descriptive for eco-friendly business.

17/12/2012 |
More and more people across the world are becoming aware of the ecological problems and try to improve the situation. This is why many companies are moving their business into the environmentally friendly or "GREEN" way in order to attract more customer. Many of these companies emphasize their eco-friendly nature in their trademark for advertising purpose. A good example is in the appeal case of "GREEN LINE" for selling eco-friendly products in the Boards of Appeal of OHIM (18 October 2012). Because of these developments the authority in this case considered that the word-element "GREEN" refers to eco-friendly products and is therefore too descriptive for any business related to eco-friendly products. If you would like to distinguish your eco-friendly company by filing an application for a new trademark, we therefore recommend not to use the word-element "GREEN" as the essential factor.

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