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Tsunami solved the rabbit fight: Miffy vs Cathy

Tsunami solved the rabbit fight: Miffy vs Cathy14/12/2012 | The fight between Miffy, the dutch rabbit by Mr. Dick Bruna, and Kathy, the Japanese rabbit by Sanrio, had been ended by a mutual agreement. Previously, Mr. Bruna personally believes that Hello Kitty is a loose copy of his work in the shape of cat. And later, when Sanrio started their product line for Hello Kitty's rabbit friend "Kathy", he decided that "Kathy" is the close copy of his work and infringing his copy right. And the fight over copy right started. The court in European Union seem to agree with Mr. Bruna opinion and ask Sanrio to stop their infringement. However, Sanrio continued this lengthy fight over courts. Then, the tsunami came and caused a severe damage to Japan. With his good faith, Mr. Bruna decide to stop this fight and ,instead, create a mutual agreement with Sanrio to donate a large sum of money to victims of this disaster (EUR 150000 each). The amount of money is calculated by the total money they need to spend if they continue the case in the court.
Source: http://blogs.wsj.com/japanrealtime/2011/06/08/bunny-battle-resolved-miffy-cathy-kiss-and-make-up/?mod=google_news_blog


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