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Nike's global brand value

Nike's global brand value29/5/2020 | The Nike brand is currently the most valuable fashion brand in the world. The value of the Nike brand is currently estimated to be somewhere between $ 28-35 billion.
To give an impression of how much this is: all tax income in the Netherlands in 2019 was about 10x as much, namely 300 billion euros.
In 2019, the Nike shoe segment was the largest source of revenue for Nike, with sales in excess of $ 24 billion. In recent years, Nike's sales have grown mainly in the non-American markets.
To remain such a recognizable brand, Nike spends more and more money on advertising and promotion.
Nike's advertising and promotion costs are estimated at $ 3.5 - 4 billion annually.
With 2019 sales of nearly $ 40 million, this means that the budget for advertising and promotion is close to 10% of sales.


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