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Newsletter EU plant variety rights: an important source of information

Newsletter EU plant variety rights:  an important source of information20/5/2020 | Six times each year, the Community Plant Variety Office (hereinafter: CPVO) publishes a digital "Newsletter of the Community Plant Variety Office".

The newsletter is divided into a part A and a part B.

Part A contains all of the information regarding new applications filed, proposed variety denominations, withdrawn applications, decisions on the granting of plant variety rights, changes regarding the applicant, the representative for the procedure or the holder of a plant variety right, termination of plant variety rights, changes to compulsory licences and contractual licences, information regarding appeals lodged against decisions of the CPVO, improvements of information regarding plant variety rights, information regarding the "CPVO client database" and, lastly, other particulars recorded in the registers.

If you are active in the breeding of variations, we recommend that you periodically download this Newsletter via https://cpvo.europa.eu/en/applications-and-examinations/official-publications

Part B contains a list of Addresses where applications for a Community plant variety right can be filed, and the final application date for inclusion in the next issue of the Newsletter, as well as a List of applicants, holders of Community plant variety rights, breeders and representatives for the procedure.

It is important to realise that quite some time can elapse between the filing date of an application for Community plant variety rights and the publication of that application in the Newsletter and on the website of the CPVO.

For example, the Newsletter of 17 February 2020 reports that the closing date for the publication of new applications is 29 February 2020. This means that a new application with a filing date 1 March 2020 will be published not in the newsletter of 15 April 2020, but in the next newsletter of mid-June 2020, no less than three and a half months after filing. An application is not visible to third parties between the time it is filed and the time it is published, not even via the CPVO's website. This is good to know when it is important to keep information regarding new applications filed hidden from third parties for as long as possible.


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