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20/5/2020 | They are unavoidable these days: the #socialdistancing measures to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus to the extent possible.
Not only governments are trying their best to convey the message: well-known brands are also stepping up to the plate.
Although companies are loathe to change their logos, brands including Coca-Cola, McDonald's, Audi, Volkswagen and Volvo have now made a special exception for the benefit of the greater good by creatively integrating the social distancing message in their logos.
For example, the typical Coca-Cola word mark on the giant billboard at Times Square was replaced by a social-distancing version, with spaces between letters that are usually connected.
In its turn, McDonald's has separated its golden arches, and well-known car makers have also introduced Corona versions of their logos. Audi, Volvo and Volkswagen have all incorporated the social-distancing message into their logos. Audi did this by separating the rings in the logo and adding the text "keep distance", and Volkswagen has separated the V and the W. Volvo also chose to modify its logo and has temporarily changed its slogan to "right now the safest place to be is not in a VOLVO". They are also regularly posting quotes and pictures about social distancing to promote the #stayhome message.
As you can see, the message is being conveyed by everything and everyone, ensuring that we can all contribute to stopping the spread of the Coronavirus.
#Staysafe #Stayhome


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