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PlantScout software for breeders and growers

PlantScout software for breeders and growers9/3/2020 | PlantScout supplies software for breeders and growers of agricultural and horticultural crops. PlantScout provides an app of the same name that is essentially a digitized dossier of varieties. The PlantScout app helps growers and breeders to build up their knowledge about the varieties and to develop a portfolio of varieties.

PlantScout believes in the knowledge that growers have accumulated in their nurseries and the result is a platform, PlantScout, that makes it easy to record and share that knowledge. It is a twenty-first century notebook for varieties.

The PlantScout app lets users enter details easily about features, problems, mutations and comments on the varieties using their mobile phones, in the nursery or at the office. The users can also add ratings, photos and comments to the notes. Everything is collected up centrally and the users can then view all the information about their varieties through a web portal. If so desired, the user can share information with suppliers so that they are aware of the grower's experiences.

The app is used by growers and breeders all over the world. Some companies that already have the app in use, are Ter Laak Orchids, Sion, Dynaplant, Opti-Flor, OK Plant and Dalat Hasfarm (Vietnam).

If you would like to know more, please go to https://www.plantscout.eu or send an e-mail straight away to support@plantscout.eu.

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