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Plant breeder's law

Hortis Legal is very proud to be the first plant breeder's right agency in the Netherlands. There are other advisers in the field of plant breeders' rights but the majority work from a broader advisory task, such as lawyers and accountants. There are also agencies fully devoted to royalties' administration for companies but the legal knowledge of plant breeders' affairs takes second place. Hortis uses the legal knowledge of plant breeders' law together with substantive knowledge and executive activities with regard to the introduction of new varieties (licensing services).

Hortis Legal is active in the ornamental sector since 1997. We also are a well-known company in the agricultural sector. An all-round specialist, and that is something we are proud of!

Are you a breeder and did you develop of discover a new variety?
Do you need help with plant variety right applications in one of the 74 UPOV countries?
Are you a grower and is someone accusing you of infringement?
Are you a plant variety right title holder and do you suspect infringement?
Do you have a trading nursery and would you like to know if a variety is protected? And if so, what you can and cannot do?
Are you in a licence agreement as either a licensee or a licensor and do you need to have your contract checked out? Or would you like a contract that is legally correct but also has the necessary know how put into it?

We are experts when it comes to Plant Variety Rights and everything that comes with that. We can, and will, advice you in the widest sense. Every step of the way.

Plant breeders' law

Our specialists in the plant breeders' law practice group have years of experience in advising on and applying for international plant breeders' rights, including Dutch plant breeders' rights, EU breeders' rights, plant breeders' rights applications in all UPOV member states and US Plant patent applications. We arrange for plant breeders' protection of new varieties for our clients in more than 45 countries.

As other services we can also mention:

  Searches for plant breeders' protection of a variety or crop group indicated by you (scope of search: all UPOV member states)
  Search for plant breeders' protection of a batch indicated by you (scope of search: all UPOV member states)
  Market research into a variety or crop group indicated by you
  Acting against infringers on a plant breeders' right
  Drafting standard test and licensing contracts (supplied as digital standard document in the format that you can use at your own company)

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