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Hortis Legal: From creativity to care-free certainty

When you want to successfully market your idea, product or invention, sound legal protection is essential. Hortis Legal will guide you through this specialised subject matter; as legal consultants in the area of intellectual property rights, we are the perfect partner when it comes to protecting and enforcing trademarks, designs and patents. We also know all of the ins and outs when it comes to plant variety rights - a unique selling point! - and copyright law has no secrets for us.

Hortis Legal boasts a wealth of expertise and experience: we have been active in the world of intellectual property rights for almost thirty years, so we know what we are talking about. With this, our commitment and our no-nonsense attitude, we will make a difference, to your benefit. We will ensure that every last detail is protected and taken care of. We've got you covered! Leaving you free to do what you do best, with no worries.

Hortis Legal: Your compass in the world of intellectual property rights

The world of intellectual property rights is a mystery to many. Which is not all that surprising: the subject matter is complicated, and it takes know-how and experience to find your way through the maze. At Hortis Legal, we are happy to serve as your compass. Our reliable and expert attorneys and specialists will act as your guide for the registration, protection and enforcement of your trademarks, designs, patents and plant varieties. We have nearly thirty years of know-how and experience on which to rely.

The team at Hortis Legal is young and progressive, and knows how to get things done. We work on the basis of trust, and give our all to help you, our clients. In a manner that is accessible: we like to simply get things done. We also believe it is important to clearly explain matters, so that you understand what we are doing, and why.

We offer commitment and customization: to optimally advise you and achieve maximum results, we want to know what drives you and how your business works. This is why every process begins with an exploratory meeting, free of charge. Then, if you want, we will go to bat for you. Nothing whatsoever is left to chance!

Our Advisers

The Hortis Legal Team consists of a mix of lawyers and experts from diverse backgrounds. It is precisely this diversity that keeps us creative and alert. Our strength is characterised by the professionalism, expertise, involvement, and enthusiasm of our advisers.

International network

Hortis Legal has a wide network of international clients and agents over the whole world. In addition, we work closely together with permanent lawyers in order to provide you with optimal assistance during a legal process from start to finish.

Floralí Licensing BV (Partner company)

Floralí Licensing BV (partnerbedrijf)To provide our clients in the ornamental plant cultivation sector with the best service, Hortis Legal works closely together with Florali Licensing B.V.

Since 2011 Florali Licensing BV arranges for the licence issuance of new varieties and focuses on the commercial introduction of new breeds by participating at trade fairs, undertaking marketing efforts, testing new breeds as well as targeted sale of young plants.

Florali Licensing's decisive action is guaranteed by an extensive worldwide network and permanent agents. Through exclusive and good relationships with renowned breeders, producers and cultivators, Florali Licensing can regularly offer you a new assortment.

More info is on florali.biz

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