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Hortis Legal is a full-service legal consultancy in the field of Intellectual Property Law. Our services consist of a wide range of services related to Intellectual Property Law, but also other services related to general legal advice.
Our concern is the optimal protection of your intellectual property. This includes patent protection, brand protection, copyright, design right and copyright.
We can also advise you on the operation of your protected products, such as advice on licensing contracts and revenue models.
We can also conduct audits of your licensees and collect royalties for you.
Finally, we can act on your behalf against infringers of your intellectual property.

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Our services

This is a selection of our services:

Plant breeders' rights / plant patent rights
This includes the following services: applying for plant breeders' right, registration of a variety, plant patent protection, variety rights protection, variety registration, plant registration
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Patent protection
This includes the following services: patent applications, patent registration, patent protection, patent searches, patent novelty research, enforcement of patent rights.
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I-depot / Copyright:
This includes the following services: copyright registration, copyright protection, copyright recording
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Royalty collection Services
This includes the following services: royalty collection services, royalty reporting services, issue of license contracts, management of license contracts, audits of licensees, inspection of licensees, enforcement of your rights.
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Legal advice
This includes the following services: enforcement actions regarding intellectual property rights, seizure of infringing products, defense against alleged infringements of third-party rights, resolution of disputes regarding intellectual property rights, filing of opposition to requests for intellectual property rights of third parties, actions against third parties who infringe intellectual property, valuations of intellectual property rights, appraisal of an intellectual property, valuation of an intellectual property.
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Trademark protection
This includes the following services: trademark surveys, availability surveys, trademark monitoring, enforcement of your trademark rights.
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Design protection
This includes the following services: novelty survey of a design, enforcement of design rights.
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