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Hortis Legal is a trademark agency and our trademark attorneys are ready to assist you in the field of trademark protection!
A trademark distinguishes your product or service from those of your competitors. This may be a name, a logo, a design, or a colour or sound. By registering your trademark in the official registers, you can prevent others from using it to their advantage: this is prohibited. Trademark registration therefore serves as the basis for success: it generates protection and exclusivity. This can apply to certain countries, to the Benelux, to the entire EU or the entire world: you decide where to register your trademark. The registration must be renewed every ten years, however.

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What can Hortis Legal do for you?

To begin with, we can advise you regarding the possibility and usefulness of registering your trademark. We know the requirements and rules in that regard better than anyone. We also know which class or classes of products and services are best suited for your registration. In short: we will advise you regarding the strategy that will generate the most success.

If so desired, we can conduct a trademark search into similar or identical trademarks, as this could impede registration. A trademark search provides insight into the feasibility of and risks involved in trademark registration. So that you know where you stand.

If registration appears feasible, we will get to work for you and file an application for the registration of your trademark with the relevant authorities. We will monitor the entire process for you.

Our work does not come to an end when the registration is completed: our attention will turn to the management and validity of your rights. To maintain the registration, duties must be paid once every ten years. If you fail to pay, the registration of your trademark lapses. To prevent this, we monitor terms and ensure that the ten-year duties are paid.

Moreover, if anyone else attempts to register an identical trademark or one that is highly similar to yours, we can take action and file an objection to a trademark application if necessary. Our monitoring and protection of your rights is continuous.

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