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Patents protect technical inventions that can be industrially applied. It relates to inventions or new technologies that will make life easier. A new or improved machine, product, method or process, for example. Tangibility and reproductability are key in that regard. A new paperclip design, a rusk that is uniquely indented, a special type of camera, et cetera.
It is important to apply for a patent for such inventions, to prevent others from benefiting from your work. At your expense: in terms of both money and time.

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We will study the invention and determine whether it meets the requirements that must be satisfied for a patent: is the novelty in fact novel, and can it be reproduced? We will provide advice in that regard, free of charge.

If all the lights are green, we will draw up a patent application together with you. It must include a detailed technical description of the invention and explain why it is novel and innovative. Drawings are often included to show how it works. We will file the finalized application with the various authorities.

Once the patent is granted, our work is not done. We will manage your rights and monitor the term of the patent. Duties must be paid annually to retain your patent rights. Failure to pay means your rights will lapse. To prevent this, we monitor terms and ensure that the annual duties are paid. We will also take action in the event of infringement of your patent rights, working to realise the optimum solution in your situation.

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