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Royalty collection services / Audits

Once plant variety rights, trademark rights or patent rights are granted, you can issue licences to other parties. For copyrights, as well. Issuing a licence means that you give another party permission to use a product, a plant variety or other creative work under certain conditions. In exchange, the licensee pays royalties for that privilege.

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What can Hortis Legal do for you?

We will draw up a licence contract between you - the licensor - and the licensee. Naturally, your wish is our command in that regard.

When plant variety rights are involved, we will also supervise contract compliance and collect royalties. If necessary, we will conduct site inspections or attend auctions. You can therefore be certain that everything is as it should be and that your rights are protected.

We can check your licensee's accounts for compliance with the terms of the license contract.
We can also check on your behalf whether the financial (sales) administration of your licensee matches the royalty statements.

Hortis Legal can help you to bring a new plant variety to the market. Our years of experience and the numerous licensing contracts we have drawn up have given us a wide network in the sector. This means that we can accurately estimate your sales potential and marketing options.

I would like to contact Hortis Legal now about royalty collection services / audits

Back ground info

Work includes:

  Testing new varieties at testing companies
  Promotion and introduction of new varieties through the Hortis network of licensees
  Invoicing and collecting royalties
  Production and issue of identification labels
  Drafting and managing test contracts and licence agreements
  Physical controls of licensees and purchase channels
  Auditing bookkeeping of licensees
  Regular visits to clients to evaluate varieties and increase the margin of success

Hortis Legal performs this work based on a percentage of the received royalties. Hortis discusses the tasks, conditions and percentages for each case with you.

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