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Between dream and reality are laws

Nobody can escape the fact that society is getting more and more judicial. For various issues there are different treaty's, laws and regulations applicable. Many lose their way in the jungle of the judicial system and are not taking advantage of their rights because of a lack of knowledge and legal assistance. Instead with Hortis Legal you keep your insight on matters of the law and a handgrip on your cases, whereby you will always be able maintain the focus on your purpose.

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The legal attorneys of Hortis Legal have insight in practical matters and at the same time specialist knowledge so that you can rely completely on an optimal protection of your interests. Avoid the risk of trying to practice this complex and multidisciplinary judicial system yourself, but rather save a lot of time and cost by taking professional counsel and practical advice. Hortis Legal endeavours to obtain the maximum benefits for you, either in proceedings or in an amicable settlement.

Whether you are an individual or entrepreneur, regular customer or not, anyone can contact Hortis Legal for counsel in a wide range of legal issues. Besides giving advice, we can assist in mediations in for example the drafting of contracts, handling of conflicts while your property remains protected. The attorneys of Hortis Legal are taking action against violations of trademarks, patents, copyrights and even plant breeders' rights all around the world for years now. Are you facing an infringement on your intellectual property right? Please do not hesitate to make contact with our office.

Hortis Legal stands out among others in the following issues:

  Writing letters of summons
  Preparation of subpoena's, request and defences
  Collection of outstanding debts
  Legal Audit
  Conflicts in labour-law
  Solving issues with the government
  Actions bases on tort-law
  Assistance with (upcoming) bankruptcy
  Drafting and reviewing (special) contracts
  Drafting and reviewing General Terms and Conditions
  General legal advice

I would like to contact Hortis Legal now about legal advice

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