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Do you want to protect the outward appearance of an object, such as a vase, a chair or a table? This can be done by registering the design. You will obtain an exclusive design right, meaning that others will be prohibited from copying or using it. The only requirement is that the design is new and unique.

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What can Hortis Legal do for you?

We will advise you regarding the feasibility and usefulness of registering your design. With our know-how and experience, we know the relevant requirements through and through. We know which strategy will work best for you.

If necessary, we will conduct a design search, to determine whether designs that are similar to yours have already been registered. If so, this could be problematic. A design search will provide insight into the feasibility of and risks involved in registration of your design.

If registration appears feasible, we will get to work for you and file an application for the registration of your design with the relevant authorities.

Once the registration is completed, we continue to work on your behalf. We will monitor the registration for you. This means that we will continue to manage your right and its validity. To maintain the design registration, duties must be paid once every five years. If you fail to pay, the registration of your design lapses. To prevent this, we monitor terms and ensure that the five-year duties are paid. We will also take action in the event of infringement of your design right. Freeing you of all worries regarding the protection of your design.

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